Judith's Basic Beauty Tips:

1. Taking 3-10 minutes for yourself in the morning to get ready for the day is the least you can do and will have long lasting effects on your face and confidence. This is the perfect time to a. connect to yourself  b. speak in loving ways to the mirror c. review your day's tasks.

2. Splash cold water on your face in the morning to help reduce morning puffiness.

3. Tea bags work wonders! Dip them in warm water, squeeze out the excess liquid, and place them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes. This is great to do before an important event or as a quick eye open in the morning (tea bags are even more effective if you refrigerate them for 10-15 min. before applying). A cold washcloth or a little ziplock with ice over eyes is very helpful.  Keep a jar of eye cream in the fridge, especially in summer -- to reduce swelling,

3. Visine for redness always helps.  

4. You want to treat your face with TLC.

5. Lash extensions will pull your own lashes out ... is it worth it?

6. Great brows frame the face beautifully: tweeze from underneath to give optical illusion of opening the eye.

7. Apply mascara by rolling from root to tip of lashes.

8. Slick on lipstick straight from the tube, it's faster.

9. A dab of lip gloss in the center of top and bottom of lips creates an illusion of fuller lips, while adding some moisture.

10. In summer, pink/peach/corals are more flattering.

11. A new lipstick is the fastest way to update a look.

12. Good makeup should look good in any lighting.

13. Remember to moisturize your neck.

14. Mix mascaras -- to make lashes pop, use one coat of volumizing mascara and one coat of lengthening.

15. Go Darker  -- instead of heavier foundation, choose a lightweight formula that's a bit darker than your skin tone. It will give you an instant warmth and may forego applying any blush.

16. Layer cheek colors.  Rub cream bronzer into the apples of cheeks, then blend pink blush over the bronzer.

 Judith's Suggested Beauty Routine:

1. Always apply makeup with clean fingers.

2. Take a tiny dab of your foundation and put a touch under one eye, then the other, on either side of the nose, underneath corners of the mouth.

3. Blend the base lightly where you need the most coverage - you don't need to cover the whole face. Keep it light and let your skin breathe.

4. Whisk loose powder lightly over entire face to even skin tone.

5. Add a little blush if needed.

6. Apply mascara.

7. Brush the brows.

8. Apply lipstick.

9. Be sure your eyes attract, enhance, communicate, and sparkle!

Her Special Wedding Instructions!

Naturally, on your wedding day, you want to look and feel your very best ...

1. Get plenty of sleep, please!

2. Don't try anything new on your skin 7-10 days before your wedding. You don't know how your skin will react.

3. Well-shaped brows can open up your whole face, get them done ten days before the wedding, then two days before get them touched up or pluck the few strays yourself.

4. One reason to hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist: they will come armed with all the necessary tools to make you look your best. Being pampered by pros also allows you to relax on your most important day.

5. Have a trial run with your makeup artist if you are using one, as well as your hairdresser. Feel free to express yourself when something does not feel right for you, this is what the trial is for.

6. One week before and the day of -- limit your salt and alcohol intake, which can lead to puffiness. Drink plenty of water, which will flush out toxins and can help prevent dehydration headaches.

7. Freeze moistened green or white tea bags to put over your eyes. The ingredients in them help reduce puffiness.

8.  While getting your hair or makeup done, taking the time to put your feet up, relax a little and drink your water.

Finally, it never hurts to just lie down and take a rest -- your eyes will reflect your refreshed energy and spirit. The better care you take of them, the brighter they'll sparkle!